H is for Honeypots – No, It’s not a Pot of Golden Honey!

Honeypots. Does it ring a bell? No? How about Honeytrap? Did this ring a bell? I hear a 50-50 yes and no. Well, if you consume espionage content, you must have come across the term honeytrap. If not, never mind; I am here to explain, what honeypot is? What are Honeypots? In simple words, Honeypot … Continue reading H is for Honeypots – No, It’s not a Pot of Golden Honey!

D-Day is Here… A to Z Bloggathon!

I will be posting A to Z of cybersecurity this entire month, considering SMBs and Startups in mind. While there is a lot of data to support the fact -- small businesses are at higher risk of closing down after a cyber attack, there is a lack of awareness among business owners. Here are some … Continue reading D-Day is Here… A to Z Bloggathon!

SMBs, SMEs, StartUps, and Cybersecurity

Attention SMBs and Startup owners and founders! Bad actors don't care about your business size; they want your data and money. Yes, they want both. And they are not bothered about your reputation or your customers. They know they have the power to destroy you. Will you let them do that to your business? No? … Continue reading SMBs, SMEs, StartUps, and Cybersecurity

Y is for Yorick

Image source https://www.thetechplatform.com/post/yorick Ok! For this challenge, I am finding programming languages I have never heard of – maybe because I am not from a technical background. So, I know only those languages that are popular in relation to data science and machine learning. However, here is another programing language, I came across starting with … Continue reading Y is for Yorick

X is for XBase++

Most often than not the world of the Internet, Computers, and Deep Tech have terms starting from letters like X, and Y. So, when I did my research for the terms starting with both X and Y (in the next post), I came across this programing language called XBase++. Image source: https://doc.alaska-software.com/ What is XBase++? … Continue reading X is for XBase++

S is for Security

Image Source: https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/cyber-security.html Cyber security network. Padlock icon and internet technology networking. Businessman protecting data personal information on tablets and virtual interfaces. Data protection privacy concept. GDPR. EU Image Source and Credit: https://www.bridgingminds.net/top-10-reasons-why-ceh-is-essential-in-a-cybersecurity-career/ What comes to your mind when you think about the word security in general and in terms of your online presence? With … Continue reading S is for Security

R is for Ransomware

Image: Aptly describing what Ransomware is. Source: https://securityintelligence.com/ransomware-101-what-is-ransomware-and-how-can-you-protect-your-business/ https://www.zdnet.com/article/fbi-warning-ransomware-gangs-are-going-after-this-lucrative-but-unexpected-target/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=%7B%24external_id%7D&mid=%7B%24MESSAGE_ID%7D&cid=%7B%24contact_id%7D&eh=%7B%24CF_emailHash%7D This is the latest Ransomware attack. For a few letters, I have been in dilemma, which one to choose and which one to ignore. In this case, as well, there was confusion – Should I write on Robotics, or should I pick up Ransomware. But then, … Continue reading R is for Ransomware

Q is for Qbot or Quantum Computing: Question QB or QC?

Qbot: A banking Trojan Quantum Computing: A quick emerging technology When researching the topics starting with Q, I was confused about which one to choose and write about. Since I had already had this dilemma with the letter P, I thought why not write about both. Yes, it will not be in that detail but … Continue reading Q is for Qbot or Quantum Computing: Question QB or QC?