Z is for Zero Trust

Image Source: https://www.globaldots.com/resources/blog/zero-trust-explained/ With increased data leaks and data breaches, the traditional way of protecting or securing infrastructure are outdated. Today the IT experts say to trust no one and verify everyone. Thus, zero trust. But what is Zero Trust? When was the first time this term was used? Who coined the term Zero Trust? … Continue reading Z is for Zero Trust

W is for Whaling — An Attack on Whales!

Whaling or Whale Phishing or Whaling Phishing, call it whatever you may, it is one of the most well-planned attacks on the whales aka the C-suite executives of an organization. The aim behind Whale Phishing is to trick the executives into doing what the Whale attackers want them to do. That could range from money … Continue reading W is for Whaling — An Attack on Whales!

V is for Virus — Not Corona but Computer!

The same confusion about what to choose for V – Virus or Vishing? But then I thought it is better to concentrate on one and to take up the other for some other time. Your computer is infected with a virus, kindly quarantine it. So, here I am with what is that Virus on your … Continue reading V is for Virus — Not Corona but Computer!

U is for URL Spoofing!

Read the URL carefully here. This is an example of URL Spoofing. Image Source: https://www.webopedia.com/definitions/website-spoofing/ I am sure you must have received emails stating offers that are too good to be true, either from your favorite holiday destination, or your aviation company. Yes! What did the offer look like or rather what did it read … Continue reading U is for URL Spoofing!