Y is for Yorick

Ok! For this challenge, I am finding programming languages I have never heard of – maybe because I am not from a technical background. So, I know only those languages that are popular in relation to data science and machine learning.

However, here is another programing language, I came across starting with Y and it is called Yorick.

What is Yorick?

An interactive programing language for scientific computing, Yorick, is open-source software under a BSD license.

When I say scientific computing what I mean is that it includes your scientific visualization functions, and text and binary I/O functions that are geared to millions of numbers.  

You may find Yorick sources online at GitHub and Source forge all-inclusive user manual and extensive documentation.

Check out these home pages at yorick.github.com and yorick.sourceforge.net

5 thoughts on “Y is for Yorick

  1. Sigh, I wonder if the number of programming languages all over the world will some day beat the number of spoken languages (minus dialects!) – especially open source being an option! Thanks for introducing something new!
    Deepa from FictionPies


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